Southeast Nebraska EMDRIA Regional Network

A networking organization for EMDR therapists in southeast and central Nebraska.

EMDRIA Regional Networks were created to support and facilitate the exchange of information related to EMDR therapy among the mental health professional community. The networks are an opportunity for ongoing EMDR education and support through a variety of experiences. All meetings are consistent with the purpose and spirit of the EMDRIA Bylaws (Sections A, B, H).

Regional Networks create opportunities to present your ideas about implementing EMDR therapy, while encouraging others to do the same.

Because EMDR therapy has a steep learning curve, clinicians need support and encouragement to stay with the process. And they need to talk with other therapists about their cases, both successes and failures.  A Regional Coordinator is the person who makes this happen.  

Regional Coordinators are Certified EMDR therapists who organize meetings locally to bring EMDR practitioners together to share information and ideas relating to EMDR therapy. This is a unique opportunity to get to know the EMDR practitioners in your area and develop a network among them.

The Southeast Nebraska EMDRIA Regional Network was founded in January 2015.  In addition to providing networking for EMDR therapists, the primary goal is to encourage mental health clinicians to become trained in EMDR therapy.  Additional goals are to:

  • Encourage clinicians to complete all parts of the EMDR Therapy Basic Training (especially those clinicians who have only completed the first weekend of training, i.e., Part 1) 
  • Increase the number of EMDR therapists in Nebraska
  • Compile a comprehensive database of partially and fully trained EMDR therapists in Nebraska
  • Increase membership in EMDRIA
  • Encourage EMDR therapists who have completed the Basic Training to become EMDRIA certified
  • Increase the number of EMDRIA Approved Consultants in Nebraska
  • Educate other clinicians and the community about the benefits of EMDR therapy

Why is EMDR therapy an important treatment for trauma & addictions?

EMDR therapy, trauma, & addictions w/ Andrew Leeds, Ph.D.

View this excellent interview with Andrew M. Leeds Ph.D.

(6 min.)  

Click on the picture below to watch an interview with clients who discuss their positive experiences with EMDR therapy.

This Public Service Announcement (PSA) was produced by EMDRIA in August 2016

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