Southeast Nebraska EMDRIA Regional Network

EMDRIA Regional Coordinator Guidelines

  1. Regional Coordinators must maintain current EMDRIA membership status in good standing.
  2. Regional Coordinators must maintain current, active EMDRIA Certification status (or Approved Consultant status).
  3. A Regional Coordinator’s role is to lead and assist with local meetings and programs, and to provide current and up-to-date information on EMDR and EMDRIA to meeting attendees.
  4. In order to maintain active status, Regional Coordinators are required to follow these EMDRIA Guidelines and must hold at least one Regional Network meeting a year.
  5. Regional Coordinators should keep updated on EMDR and EMDRIA information by reading the quarterly EMDRIA Newsletter, EMDRIA website (, through the RC Listserv, and by communicating directly with EMDRIA staff and the Regional Coordinating Committee as needed to share information with meeting attendees.
  6. Regional Coordinators are encouraged to provide opportunities for EMDRIA non-members to become members of EMDRIA. Membership information is available online at and membership brochures can be mailed to you by contacting EMDRIA.


Source:   EMDRIA Regional Coordinator and Network Guidelines, rev. 9/2011.   (Click here to obtain the document.)

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