Southeast Nebraska EMDRIA Regional Network

Steering Committee

Brenda Rohren - Regional Coordinator

Brenda Rohren has been our Regional Coordinator since January 2015 and is the founder of our Regional Network.  She is a Certified EMDR therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant-in-Training.  Brenda has been a member of EMDRIA since 2010.  Because of her commitment to the practice and advancement of EMDR, Brenda was active on several EMDRIA Administrative Committees until her election to the EMDRIA Board of Directors.  (This includes Chair of the Membership Committee and Chair of the Public Practice & Diversity Subcommittee.)  Brenda's 4-year term on the Board began in January 2014.  She currently serves on several Board committees: Chair of Structure, Function, & Bylaws (SF&B) Committee; Audit Committee; and Ownership Linkage Committee.  Brenda was the Secretary of the Board of Directors in 2015.


Tanya Randolph-Elgin - Co-Regional Coordinator12

Tanya Randolph-Elgin has been a member of our Steering Committee since September 2, 2016 and our Co-Regional Coordinator since November 2, 1016.  Tanya is an EMDRIA Certified EMDR therapist and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice at Foundations Counseling, Inc. located in Stromsburg, Nebraska.  Tanya’s clinical areas of expertise include cognitive approaches to help people with decision making skills, depression, and anxiety, as well as issues related to trauma and adoption (using TBRI). 


Cindy Oltmer

Cindy Oltmer has been a member of our Steering Committee since September 2, 2016.  Cindy obtained her Masters Degree in Agency Based Counseling from Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska. She has been a fully Licensed Mental Health Practitioner since 2000 and a Licensed Alcohol Drug Counselor since 2002. Cindy has over 25 years of experience working in the human services field with over 15 years of experience working as a mental health and substance abuse counselor.  Cindy has over 20 years experience working at Behavioral Health Specialists, Inc. working in foster care, intensive family preservation, intensive outpatient, outpatient and residential treatment services. She has been the Clinical Director of Seekers of Serentity (SOS) Place since its inception in 2000.  (This is a program of Behavioral Health Specialists, Inc.)  Cindy specializes in mental health and substance abuse issues to include: dual diagnosis, comprehensive substance abuse evaluations, individual and family counseling services. Cindy is a trained presenter of Trauma Informed Care. Additionally, she has obtained advanced training in Motivational Interviewing.


Hollie Urbauer 

Hollie Urbauer has been a member of our Steering Committee since September 2, 2016.  Hollie has worked in the addictions field since 2005 and was a therapist in the Dual Diagnosis Outpatient Treatment program at Behavioral Health Resources, LLC since June 19, 2015.  At that time, Hollie was pursuing a Master of Arts in Counseling degree in mental health practice from Doane University (Lincoln campus).  She completed her internship on June 30, 2016 and graduated with an M.A. on July 19, 2016.  Hollie became licensed as a Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (PLMHP) on September 9, 2016.  Her affiliation as a therapist at Behavioral Health Resources, LLC ended on February 2013.  She is currently employed as an on-call and part-time counselor at the Independence Center and St. Monica's.  In addition to substance use, Hollie’s focus is on issues pertaining to mental health and adverse life events. 

A requirement to serve on the Steering Committee is that the Regional Network member must be also a member of EMDRIA.

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