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This page lists EMDR therapy events in Nebraska that are sponsored by a variety of organizations.  If you are aware of an event that could be posted to our website, contact the Regional Coordinator, Brenda Rohren, at  

Upcoming Events

    • September 06, 2019
    • 8:00 AM (CDT)
    • November 10, 2019
    • 5:00 PM (CST)
    • UNL East Campus (Home Economics Building, 1650 N. 35th St, Room 142) - Lincoln Nebraska
    The dates of the training are September 6-8, 2019 and November 8-10, 2019
    About the Trainers . . . . 

    Jill Archer, MS, NCC, LIMHP is an experienced EMDR clinician, consultant, and trainer, with EMDRIA approved EMDR Training as well as "Basics of EMDR with Children and Adolescents". She has been the EMDRIA Peer Study Group Coordinator in Omaha since 2012 and the EMDR Nebraska Regional Network Coordinator since 2014.  She completed EMDR training in 2004 and has used it with children, adolescents and adults.  Jill draws on attachment theory, ego state therapy, play therapy, filial therapy and other approaches to support a rich therapeutic process.  Jill was Coordinator of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Community Counseling Clinic from 2000-2003 and has worked in private practice since 2003.

    Gary Scarborough, MEd, LPC, LIMHP has over 20 years as a Therapist and has been using EMDR since 2002. He has put EMDR into use extensively in a play therapy environment with ‘littles’, children 12 and under primarily, as well as with adolescents, adults and clients diagnosed with Serious Mental Illness. Gary has worked in a wide variety of environments: private practice, community mental health agency, human service settings, court referred clients, school based, and day treatment, the majority in rural environments. He has extensive experience with EMDR Training. As well, in conjunction with Jill, developed the curriculum and taught “Basics of EMDR with Children and Adolescents”. Gary also has taught the Integrative Group Treatment Protocol (IGTP or Butterfly Hug Protocol) and the Protocol for Recent Critical Incidents (PRECI).            

    This is the complete EMDR Therapy Basic Training  (Parts 1 & 2) approved by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) and includes an additional 10 hours of consultation.  Participants will learn the EMDR therapy approach, the basic eight-phase EMDR protocol, the Adaptive Information Processing Model, and how to incorporate EMDR therapy into your practice.  This course will consist of didactic presentations, live demonstrations, supervised practicum, and case consultations. Participants must attend the full training and participate in 10 hours of consultation to receive a certificate of completion in EMDR Basic Training.  Five 2-hour consultation groups will be provided by the trainer, included in the cost of the training. If other dates or times are needed to make up for the consultation hours, attendees can either schedule separate consultation with the trainer (or an EMDRIA approved Consultant or Consultant-in-Training with prior approval of the trainer, typically at the attendees cost).  Approval of partial programs will not be granted.
    Cost.  The cost of the training is $1,400 and includes both weekends (Part 1 and Part 2) and 10 hours of required consultation.  (Cost is $1,100 for students and clinicians working full-time ine a non-profit agency.)     
    What is an EMDR Therapy Basic Training?  Prior to 2007, clinicians were identified as Level I EMDR therapists after completing the first weekend of training and identified as Level II EMDR therapists after completion of the second weekend of training.  The requirements changed in 2007 and now a clinician cannot be identified as an EMDR therapist until completion of both weekends of training as well as 10 hours of consultation with an Approved Consultant (and received the certificate of completion from the trainer).  For information about the EMDRIA approved Basic Training curriculum, click hereNote:  Beginning January 1, 2017 participants who begin the EMDR Therapy Basic Training must complete the entire training within 24 months from their initial start date unless there are extraordinary circumstances.
    Eligibility Requirements for Attendees.  This training is appropriate for licensed mental health professionals as well as graduate students and interns.  (Acceptance of graduate students will be determined by the presenter of this Basic Training, Gary Scarborough, after verification of eligibility has been received.)  To obtain specific information about eligibility, click here.
    Workshop Sponsor.  The workshop is sponsored by  EMDR Support Network (Omaha, Nebraska - Clarksville, Arkansas).  For more information about the training, contact Gary Scarborough at  
    CEUs. Refer to the registration form and brochure for informatioan.     

    Registration.   Click here for the on-line registration form. 

    Brochure.  Click here for the workshop brochure.

    Cancellation Policy   Refer to the registration form and brochure for information.

    Workshop Schedule.  September 6-8, 2019 and November 8-10, 2019.  The hours are Friday & Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.    

    Required Reading.  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Basic Principles, Protocols, and Procedures (3rd ed.) by Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.  (Read at least Chapters 3-8.)  Click here for purchasing information.
    EMDRIA Website.  To view the posting on the EMDRIA website, click here..

    Consultation Sessions via Teleconference or Videoconference.   The cost of registration includes five 2-hour consultation sessions with the trainers, Gary Scarborough and Jill Archer, and will occur after the first and second weekends of training.  Consultation provides an opportunity for the integration of the theory of EMDR along with the development of EMDR therapy skills. During consultation, trainees receive individualized feedback and instruction in the areas of case conceptualization, client readiness, target selection, treatment planning, specific application of skills, and the integration of EMDR therapy into clinical practice. Consultation is about real cases and not experiences that occur in practicum. 

    This meeting is held in facilities which are in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act.  Please contact Gary Scarborough at if special accommodations are required.

    • November 01, 2019
    • 9:00 AM (CDT)
    • November 02, 2019
    • 5:00 PM (CDT)
    • Bellevue University - 812 Bruin Boulevard - Bellevue Nebraska

    Ego State Therapy Interventions to Prepare Your Most Wounded, Belligerent, and Dissociative Clients for EMDR

    November 1-2, 2019

    About the Trainer . . . . 

    Lynn James is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in private practice in Island Lake, Illinois.  She specializing in treating complex PTSD and dissociation.  She's an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDR Therapy Basic Training trainer.  Her specialty is integrating EMDR therapy with the Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS) approach.  She's a delightful, thoughtful, soulful, and humorous presenter.  For more information about Lynn, visit

    Registration/sign-in begins at 8:30 am on both days.

    Workshop Cost    

    Early Registration: $350 on or before October 14, 2019.
    Late Registration: $375 on or after October 15, 2019.
    Some discounts are available.

    Workshop Location

    Bellevue University
    John B. Muller Bldg, Multipurpose Ctr
    812 Bruin Boulevard,
    Bellevue, NE 68123

    Target Audience

    This workshop will be helpful for all mental health professionals who work with clients wounded in childhood — whether trained in EMDR therapy or not. While this is NOT an EMDR therapy advanced training per se.  EMDR therapists will learn how to use these interventions to prepare fragile, wounded, dissociative clients for EMDR therapy. It will teach stabilizing Ego State therapy interventions informative to all skill levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

    Continuing Education

    This workshop is approved for 13 EMDRIA Credits and 13 CE credits for most psychotherapists. Click here for more information..

    CLICK HERE to learn more and to REGISTER

    Group Discount:  Three or more therapists can register together and take a $25 per person discount.  Send an e-mail to Lynn James with the following information on each attendee:  name (as it should appear on the CE certificate),  license, license #, address, cell phone #, and e-mail address.  Lynn will send an e-mail to you with a Coupon Code that can be applied in a single group payment.

    Student Discount:  If you’re a graduate student or intern on track to become a licensed psychotherapist, you can get a $100 discount. Send proof of your student status in an e-mail to Lynn James and she’ll send an e-mail to you with a Coupon Code to use when you register.

    Agency Discount:  If you work 30+ hours a week for a non-profit agency, you can get a $100 discount. Send proof of your agency work in an e-mail to Lynn James and she’ll send an e-mail to you with a Coupon Code to use when you register.

    updated on 9-2-19

Past Events

October 05, 2019 Regional Network Meeting - "EMDR and Panic Disorders"
September 12, 2019 2019 EMDRIA Conference - Orange County CA
August 24, 2019 Regional Network Meeting - "Informing the EMDR Treatment of Very Early Trauma & Neglect"
June 28, 2019 EMDR Therapy Basic Training - Part 1 & 2 w/ consultation
June 01, 2019 Regional Network Meeting - "Treating Children w/ Complex Trauma & Attachment Disruptions"
March 08, 2019 Regional Network Meeting - Study Group
February 08, 2019 Regional Network Meeting - Study Group
January 11, 2019 Regional Network Meeting - Study Group
December 01, 2018 Regional Network Meeting - "Helping Dysregulated Dissociative Clients to Self-Soothe"
October 27, 2018 Regional Network Meeting - "EMDR Therapy: Working With Grief"
October 04, 2018 2018 EMDRIA Conference - Atlanta, Georgia
September 26, 2018 EMDR with Children, Teens, and Adults
September 20, 2018 EMDR & Family Therapy Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol (IATP-C) for Children
September 06, 2018 Strengthening the Authentic Adult Self: EMDR Therapy w/ Adult Attachment/Developmental Trauma
August 24, 2018 EMDR Therapy Basic Training - Part 1 & 2 w/ consultation
April 28, 2018 Regional Network Meeting - "Updated MID Analysis 4.0 and Expanded MID Manual"
April 20, 2018 EMDR Therapy Global Summit Conference
April 06, 2018 EMDR Therapy Basic Training - Part 1 & 2
April 06, 2018 EMDR Therapy Basic Training - Part 1 & 2 w/ consultation
December 02, 2017 Regional Network Meeting - "Use of Cognitive Interweaves in EMDR Therapy"
November 03, 2017 "The Dance of Attachment" - EMDR Advanced Traininig
October 14, 2017 Regional Network Meeting - Study Group
October 02, 2017 "Deeper Connections: EMDR with Couples & Families"
August 24, 2017 2017 EMDRIA Conference - Bellvue, Washington
April 08, 2017 Regional Network Meeting - "EMDR Therapy: State of the Art 2017"
April 07, 2017 Ego State Therapy and Trauma: Easy EGO State Interventions
November 19, 2016 Regional Network Meeting - "Common Mistakes in EMDR Therapy"
November 04, 2016 Healing the Wounds of Attachment & Rebuilding Self
October 21, 2016 How to build an EMDR Adjunctive Therapy Program at a Community Mental Health Agency
October 14, 2016 Cultural Competence and Healing Culturally-Based Trauma with EMDR Therapy
October 07, 2016 EMDR Therapy Basic Training - Part 1 & 2 w/ consultation
August 25, 2016 2016 EMDRIA Conference
June 24, 2016 EMDR Therapy: Overview & Adaptations for Children
June 24, 2016 EMDR Therapy Basic Training - Part 1 & 2 w/ consultation
June 03, 2016 EMDR Therapy Part 2 & Refresher Course w/ consultation
March 19, 2016 Regional Network Meeting - "Using EMDR Therapy with Children"
February 10, 2016 Healing Trauma: EMDR as an Adjunctive Treatment to Primary Therapy
January 23, 2016 Regional Network Meeting - "EMDR Therapy w/ Military Veterans" - live stream workshop
December 12, 2015 Regional Network Meeting - Video of EMDR therapy session & Study Group
November 13, 2015 Breaking the Cycle: A Comprehensive EMDR Therapy Approach to Problem Behaviors
October 23, 2015 EMDR Therapy Boot Camp
October 09, 2015 EMDR Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol for Children
October 09, 2015 EMDR Therapy Basic Training - Part 1 & 2 w/ consultation
August 27, 2015 2015 EMDRIA Conference - Philadelphia
July 24, 2015 Part 2 of EMDR Basic Training - for clinicians in nonprofit agencies
July 24, 2015 EMDR Therapy Basic Training - Part 1 & 2 w/ consultation
May 16, 2015 Feeling State Addiction Protocol (FSAP) for EMDR Therapy
May 09, 2015 Working with Adults with Preverbal Trauma: How to Write an Effective Therapeutic Story and Integrate It with EMDR
April 17, 2015 Introduction to EMDR Therapy & Addiction Protocols
March 20, 2015 Part 1 of EMDR Basic Training - for clinicians in nonprofit agencies
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